ephemery (ephemery_writes) wrote in lyricwriters,

Explosion in a Time Capsule

This is an explosion in a time capsule
This is our reply
To the paper, to the rust, to the concrete, the dust
This is our reply to the daily realities of little life 
The horror is in the monotony
And the despair never comes because we’re senseless, benumbed
This daily grind is wearing us down, one by one

Come, come, let’s keep fooling ourselves
We’ll live the mirage but dream the dream
That this will disappear, not to stay

We’re living a delusion of wires, unable to make sense of any of this
We want to escape, but we don’t know where to
We want to stay but we’re strangers to hallucination
We want truth but falseness is too hard to leave
Blind and deaf, we find that we’ve lost our voices

Sometimes we’re searching for a way
But we seem to be caught within the repetition
Always too far from that hidden place

We’ll never find that veritable garden
But it’s been too long, too much
This is our last chance

This is an explosion in a time capsule
We’re not sure what we’ve done but this is
Our little sabotage to the daily realities of little life
The paper, the rust, the concrete, the dust

And suddenly, there’s colour everywhere

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